The only katy air conditioning tip you need to know

The old adage goes if I knew back then what I know now. At least I think that’s how it goes, either way Oscar from Tam AC and Heating shared some info with me that many katy ac repair companies don’t want you to know. So if you want to know to protect yourself from vulture type ac contractors who have no shame in scamming you then read on. If you would like to just skip the big read and call the good guys in Katy, Texas then here you go.

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Basically when you have problems with you air conditioner the first thing a repair man will do is hook up their gauges. If they see low pressure they will tell you it needs freon. Many of them won’t bother diagnosing anything else, why you ask? All they want to do is overcharge you for freon, charge about $250-400 for just 15-20 minutes of work. Which is basically them squatting filling up unit with freon and they are gone. They do this because without properly diagnosing the unit the freon is a quick fix. Too much freon will basically break down your unit and they will come back to sell you a new one. Stick to a reliable air conditioning repair katy repair man can call Oscar.


The Best Plumbers In Irvine


Being a home owner in Orange County I have seen some things. I have seen the work of good contractors and the failure of poor contractors. I have been through it all really from a water heater replacement Irvine to a air conditioner repair. I’m not talking about a wall unit ac repair but a major job when they had to go in the attic. I’ve had toilets backed up drain cleaning you name it. When it comes to fix it jobs I’ve been around the block as far as paying local service providers. So in short I can tell you easily, without a doubt when a plumbing issue occurs your best bet is Patriot Plumbing. Dino is a local plumber in irvine ca. He can help you with any type of plumbing project. He can even do pipe work for trenchless sewers and bathroom remodeling. Next time something bursts give Dino a call and he will fix it right up.

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